i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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holy shit i really want to punch someone….

why are you white?? I thought british people were so full of imigrants and other cultures there where no white people left


… Umm Im going to guess you are an individual who has a mainly white community who does not live in the UK. 

And all I’m going to say is

  1. Most of England is still mayonnaise coloured, we do have a lot of cultures here and most of us are accepting of it. Refuges, Muslims, Indians, Polish, Jews and Asians. Most can be found pretty much anywhere. 
  2. They are still a minority, I live in a mainly mayonnaise area but different cultures and nationalities are just around the corner, we just co exist with each other most of the time. Obviously there are a few old cranky pants but we just nod our heads and give them tea and they soon forget about it.
  3. Why are you questioning what my skin colour is? OH NO A RARE WHITE PERSON IS LURKING AROUND 
  4. I’m actually Irish.